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DAPRINT MUSIC PREPARATION/PUBLISHING was founded in 1994, when I switched to computer-based notation (using MakeMusic's Finale software) from traditional hand manuscript. In addition to my own music I began to prepare and publish music for other composers and organizations -- like those named in the client list below.

I constantly strive to make my publishing work of the highest quality, using 1200+ dpi printing, oversized pages, fine publishing papers, custom music typeface design, and clean lines. I try and develop a house style for each project that reflects its origins, in the case of a composer like David Maves we have worked together to develop a publishing style that recalls his hand manuscript, including a specially designed custom music font.

Computer-based music publishing should emulate the finest traditional engraving standards. It should have two primary design goals: easy reading for the performer, and aesthetic beauty to complement that of the music itself. The printed page should be constructed with a designer's eye. Choice of typefaces for the various elements should emulate the style of the either the original source material or the composer's manuscript.

Here is a partial client list:

Omaha Symphony Orchestra
Opera Omaha
Omaha Public Schools
New York Philharmonic
College of Charleston
Cleveland Institute of Music
Sylvia McNair


David Maves: Bodas De Sangre
Various scores and other material from Act III of this full-length opera are posted for perusal purposes:

Act III Piano/vocal scores

Act III vocal score title pages pdf
Act III Scene 1-A vocal score pdf
Act III Scene I-B Love Duet vocal score pdf
Act III Scene 2 vocal score pdf

Act III Full scores

Act III Scene 1 full score pdf
Act III Scene 1-B Love Duet full score pdf
Act III Scene 2 full score pdf


David Maves: The Captive (2018)
20846 - The Captive - Solo Soprano and String Orchestra

There is a commercial recording of this work available here.

The Soprano soloist is Elizabeth Farnum and the North South Chamber Orchestra is conducted by Max Lifchitz.

YouTube recordings of the 3 verses are available here:

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

and a pdf version of the John Donne text is available here.

This song is envisioned not as the poet writing (singing) it, but as the poet's lover reading the poetry aloud with wonder; in awe, deeply moved, and yet perhaps a bit frustrated as conditions pile up; as the poet attempts to construct an imaginary but air-tight intellectual edifice within which the lovers are inextricably bound to each other, until they "have it all."

Rather like Marcel Proust's 'Marcel' in the volume La Prisonnière (The Captive) from his multi-volume masterpiece La Recherche du Temps Perdu, the poet seems at first to want to circumscribe this relationaship with his lover to the point that his ideas, at least in a 21st century reading; become somewhat overbearing and then obscure.

Full score and parts - $75


David Maves: Timpani Concerto (2014)
20845 - Timpani Concerto: Piano Reduction

is now available for purchase (price - $40). This package includes a copy of the solo part.

The full score and concert recording are currently available under a persual agreement for a 90-day examination period. The rental fee for the parts and score for scheduled orchestral performances is $400, and the score can be purchased separately for $60.


Newly re-published editions of some of the most popular works of
David W. Maves

These works have been engraved from the hand manuscript originals and carefully edited and revised:

20855 - Three Campanological Studies

This piece is for keyboard carillon. It dates from 1973 and has just been revised.

It was written for J. Samuel Hammond, who has now retired as the carilloneur at Duke University after 53 years.

Full score - $15

20851 - Brass Quintet (bass trombone version)
20852 - Brass Quintet (tuba version)

This piece dates from 1974 and won a composition contest. It was performed many times by the contest sponsors, the Annapolis Brass Quintet.
There is a recording available online at this address:

Full scores and parts - either version - $25

20849 - Spoleto Fanfare (brass quintet version)
20850 - Spoleto Fanfare (full version)

Both versions have been performed on numerous occasions at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston SC.
The full version is scored for a double brass quintet - 4 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, 2 tubas (or bass trombones), and timpani.

Full scores and parts - either version - $20

20843 - Three Psalm Preludes

These three preludes for organ solo are designed for use during church services.

Psalm Prelude No. 1: Psalm 138: Confitebor tibi (I will praise thee with my whole heart)
Psalm Prelude No. 2: Psalm 40: Expectans, expectavi (I waited patiently for the Lord)
Psalm Prelude No. 3: Psalm 121: Levavi oculos meos (I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills)

Full score - $15

20833 - The Legend of Befana

This charming canata for elementary school children re-tells the Chirstmas story.
Full score - $20 - Set of Parts $20

20834 - Fantasy for Cello and Percussion

This piece is an excellent choice for a percussion recital - if you can find a willing cellist. It requires 4 timpani and a 4-octave marimba.
A commercial CD is available
Cello and Percussion Scores - $25

A YouTube version of the above recording is available:
1. Adagio - Allegro - Lento
2. Allegro moderato - Moderato - Vivace
3. Andante

20835 - Violin Sonata

This major work is a musical representation of a grand mountain range as seen from a distance.
Score & Parts - $20

20840 - Piano Sonata #2

A commercial recording of all 4 sonatas (Sonata #1 is published by C.F. Peters) is available

Maves looks back historically for the model of Sonata #2 to the "Goldberg Variations" as a clue to understanding the work. It progresses technically - the first variations are presented in graded order.
Score & Parts - $20

A YouTube version of the above recording is available:
Sonata #2:
Playlist: complete Sonata #2

20839 - Piano Sonata #3

Sonata #3 is a "simple, straight-forward 'small-scale' neo-classical piano sonata. Actually, the opening idea, 'sliding seconds', could have come right from the Sonata #2".
Score & Parts - $20

A YouTube version of the above recording is available:
Sonata #3:
1. Allegro moderato
2. Adagio
3. Free Fugue

20837 - Piano Sonata #4

A Grand Sonata that "does a lot of that wonderful stuff that most of us composers in the 20th century had quit doing".
Score & Parts - $20

A YouTube version of the above recording is available:
Sonata #4:
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Scherzo
4. Allegro agitato

20841 - Retrieval

This work is scored for 7 players: Flute/Picc., Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin, Percussion, and Piano. The title refers to my attempt to "retrieve" the "soul" of my earlier musical self though an expanded compositional template.

Score & Parts - $40


DAPrint publications of the music of
David W. Maves

20801 - Procession with Vistas - Organ Solo - 1997 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $13

20802 - Three Studies for Trumpet and Organ - Trumpet in Bb, C & D & Organ - 1998 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $12

20803 - Onomatopoeia - English Horn & Organ - 1997 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10

20804 - Toccata - Organ Solo - 1994 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10

20805 - D to A - Trombone & Tape - 1974 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10
A YouTube recording is available

20806 - Duet No. 1 - One Piano Four Hands - 1964 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $15

20807 - The Owl and the Nightingale - 1965 - free at the URL on this line

20808 - Fanfare for the Common Recorder - 1994 - free at the URL on this line

20809 - Duet for Two Flutes - 1999 - free at the URL on this line

20810 - Through a Mountain Meadow - Piano Solo - 1984 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $5

20811 - Organ Symphony - Organ Solo - 1984 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10

20812 - Two Sayings from the Tao - Mixed Chorus SATB with Piano Accompaniment - 2001 - 8.5 x 11" bound copy - $10 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $15

A YouTube recording is available

20813 - Organ Prelude - 2001 - From II. in the Trio for Brass listed below - free at the URL on this line

20814 - Trio for Brass - Trumpet, Horn, & Trombone - 1958 - 10 x 13" bound score copy - $5

20815 - Three Songs of Affirmation - Soprano and Piano - 1965 - free at the URL on this line

20817 - Psalm 67 - A Cappella Chorus - 1963 - free at the URL on this line

20818 - Psalm 134 - A Cappella Chorus - 1962 - free at the URL on this line

20819 - Four Greek Songs - Voice and Guitar - 1998 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $13

A YouTube recording is available
1. Andante
2. Lento
3. Allegro Comodo
4. Andante

20820 - Four Greek Songs - Voice and Piano - 1998 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $13

20821 - Fanfare for a Convocation - Chorus and Brass Octet - 2001 - 10 x 13" vocal, full score and parts - $15

20822 - Three Children's Songs - Children's Voices and Percussion - 1966 - free at the URL on this line

20823 - The Four Short Seasons of Love - Voice and Piano - 2002 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10

20824 - Climbing Up the Ladder - Trumpet in Bb, C & D and Piano - 2003 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $15

20825 - Prelude for Flute and Guitar - Flute & Guitar - 1998 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $10

20826 - God's Grandeur - Chorus & Large Orchestra - 1964 - large score $20 - vocal score $10 - set of parts $40

This work from my Ford Foundation tenure in Raleigh NC sets a great poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

20828 - Sir Isaac Newton - Children's Chorus with Piano - 1965 - free at the URL on this line

20829 - Sea Shanty - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Solo Voice - 2005 - 10 x 13" score & parts - $20

20830 - Three Woman's Songs - Violin, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano & Voice - 1976 - 10 x 13" score & parts - $20

20831 - Three Woman's Songs - Voice & Piano - 1976 - 10 x 13" bound copy - $15

20832 - Dectet - Woodwind Quintet & String Quintet - 2010 - 10 x 13" full score $20 - set of parts - $20

This work is from a scene in my opera Bodas de Sangre based on the play by Federico Garcia Lorca. The prelude is the tense, "dry as dust" meeting of the two families about to be united by marriage, progressing into a kind of fugal elaboration of a conversation about how to live on and with this dry land. This is followed by the tense, frantic coda wherein the bride's fixation on and assignations with the wrong man come to light. This scene concludes Act I.

20836 - String Quartet - 1963 - 10 x 13" full score & set of parts - $20

In the 1960s the University of Michigan Music School had a graduate student Scholarship String Quartet. Their "job" was to learn string quartets composed for them by the composition students of Ross Lee Finney. It was Shangri-La for young composers.

Steeped in classes studying the great quartets of the repertory, and vibrating from several professional performances by local and visiting professionals each year, we went to work. This quartet uses standard musical ideas and forms but in a somewhat unusual order: Moderato, Fast, and then Slow. The slow introduction to the first movment introduces tonal levels and ideas that will permeate the outer movements.

The second Scherzo movement is the outgrowth of our many late-night discussions about definitions of Amercian Music. Here, my solution is a kind of "Turkey in the Straw" (American "fiddle tune" from the early 1800s) meets Bartok, and the Slow last movement is a kind of musical farewell.

20838 - No, Nonet - Solo Piano, Woodwind Quartet & String Quartet - 2000 - 10 x 13" full score $20 - set of parts - $20

A commercial recording of this work is available

A YouTube recording is available

No, Nonet is a single movement composition for solo piano and an ensemble consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, two violins, viola, and cello. Written during the year 2000 to mark the 20th anniversary of North/South Consonance, the work's straightforward and accessible musical language employs syncopated rhythms and harmonies built around triadic structures.


The links above will take you to the applicable page for the piece on David's web site. Many of these pieces can be downloaded as letter-size pdfs for free as part of a project funded by the College of Charleston and The South Carolina Arts Commission.


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