Omaha Symphony Trio

Harp, Double Bass, and Percussion




The Omaha Symphony Trio was founded by then Music Director Thomas Briccetti in the 1978-79 season. It is made up of the Principal Harp, Principal Double Bass, and Principal Timpanist of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra. Current members are Mary Bircher, Harp, Will Clifton, Double Bass, and Dwight Thomas, Percussion.

As there is no significant music written for this unusual combination of instruments, all the music played by the Trio must be arranged from other literature. This photo is from a formal concert (Bagels & Bach) at the Joslyn Art Museum.

Percussion in the group is generally keyboard-based, usually marimba or vibraphone, but all of the members of the group play some percussion instruments in our current programs.

A typical program from a Bagels & Bach formal concert:



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