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These pages are designed for aspiring professional timpanists and percussionists.


(DAT) Basic Orchestral Repertoire for Timpani

These lists are based on my database of timpani repertoire from many auditions over the last 10-15 years.

A few suggestions first:

1. Much of this repertoire is available in a few publications that are simple collections of the original parts. These are:
These were compiled by the late Morris Goldenberg, and are available and in print.

2. Use only the original parts when preparing this repertoire. Avoid any edited versions. You can get copies of the original parts from reprint publishers such as Kalmus and Luck's. Most professionals have large collections of photocopied parts they have acquired over the years. Access to a symphony orchestra's library is also very helpful. I would be happy to assist with reasonable requests for material from my own library, e-mail me (datimp@cox.net) for details.

3. Study of the full scores of these works is highly recommended.

4. Even though only a particular section of a work may be requested on an audition list, if at all possible the entire part must be prepared.

5. If a particular work is only available via rental from the publisher, these are your options:
This brings up questions of copyright, as long as as the part is only for your personal use and you don't distribute it that's OK.

That said, here is the list:


Samuel Barber

Medea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance, op. 23a


Concerto for Orchestra


Symphony #1, op. 21
Symphony #5, op. 67
Symphony #7, op. 92
Symphony #9, op. 125


Symphony #1, op. 68


Enigma Variations, op. 36


Symphonic Metamorphosis

Frank Martin

Concerto for Seven Winds, Strings and Timpani


Symphony #39, K. 543

William Schuman

New England Triptych


Symphony #1, op.10

Richard Strauss

Burleske for Piano and Orchestra


Le Sacre du Printemps


Symphony #4, op.36


Siegfried's Funeral Music from "Götterdämmerung"


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