Dwight A. Thomas

Retired Principal Timpani - Omaha Symphony (1980 – 2017)

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Welcome to the home page of Dwight Thomas, Retired Principal Timpanist (1980 - 2017) of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra. The instrument you see above is a Light Mark XI American Dresden timpano, made by the American Drum Company in Denver, Colorado.


In addition to my orchestral playing, I am also a computer consultant (Macintosh only!!!)

I also teach timpani/percussion, and Finale (a music notation program) ...


Here I am with another one of my friends...

Dwight with friend


Timpani Part Library - PDF Downloads

David Maves - Timpani Concerto World Premiere

How to make Duff-style suede timpani mutes

Article on Elgar's Enigma Variations by Andrew Simco and DAT -
former Principal Timpani - Oslo Philharmonic

Check out my contribution to the
American Tango CD -- a commercial release by CALA Records --

Viola Jokes are here for your amusement...

Memories of Cloyd Duff

Article reprint - Timpanist - Musician or Technician?
by Cloyd Duff

Keyboard Percussion Basics - What's the difference between a Xylophone and a Marimba anyway?

Straight Pool Scoresheet (pdf) This paper scoresheet (pdf format) can be used to keep track of the score in straight pool.


Timpani FAQ Page

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